Our brief was to design a poster to Riso print about our ‘Words in Motion’ film screening at The Cube.
When designing this poster, I had a few elements which were required in the brief. The cube frame was my own addition. Originally, the cube was a solid black but it made the text behind it difficult to read. I experimented with changing the opacity of the cube, before ultimately deciding on a textured stroke to make the whole poster a little more visually interesting. To create a similar aesthetic to The Cube Cinema’s website, I opted for a monospaced typeface. I found ‘Monotalic’ recently on Adobe Fonts and felt it was a suitable fit. I really like how select letters are of a different yet familiar design language, possibly reminiscent of design in the 80s/90s or computer code. This felt appropriate seeing as the building first became a cinema during the late 90s.
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